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Customer Connect is a specialised communication company providing services to medium and large Corporations and Government organisations in Australia and overseas, with the aim of bringing together the best in communication technologies and techniques with an emphasis on quality and service. Our core services include Security Mailing, Database Management, Direct mailing, Commercial Laser Printing, Virtual Warehousing and Contact Centre Facilities.

Our approach is characterised by energy, drive, a sense of urgency and absolute commitment to satisfying our customer’s needs and expectations.

Customer Connect recognises that any companys' greatest asset is its staff. We value and encourage a consultative approach to problem solving and decision making. We believe that every employee should actively engage in these processes to ensure clients' needs, expectations and goals are acheived.

Our goals are:

To deliver campaigns “on time and in full”, every time.
To meet and exceed our customer expectations and goals.
To maintain a consistent, measured approach to our business.
To continually improve our business processes and practices to increase our competitive advantage to ensure our clients are at the leading edge in their industry.
Turn customer transactions into relationships.

To achieve these goals and to promote continual improvement we:

Meet regularly as a Management Team and review all client feedback, internal suggestions and internal processes.
Monitor and measure current processes and staff using Key Performance indicators.
Train, encourage and support staff to reach their full potential.
Survey and encourage feedback from our clients.

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