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Telemarketing is the combination of application of telephone and marketing. Telemarketing is used to cover a number of activities mostly using the medium of the phone including sales, market research, order-taking, customer service and information dissemination and gathering.

Enables customers to act immediately to your offers, products or services.
Generates leads and supports your sales staff in a cost-effective manner.
Programs can be tailor-made, yet remain flexible and instant adoptable.
Builds your customer loyalty.
One-to-one interactive communication with a select audience can be achieved.
Extends the availability of your sales force making it 24x7.
Increases response rates, direct marketing activities and advertising campaigns.

IVR integration.
Program design and scripting.
Computerised response tracking.
Campaign analysis and reporting.

Generate sales leads.
Cross-sell and up-sell.
Collect unpaid accounts.
Conduct market research.
Boost short-term sales during seasonal downturns.
Capitalise on other forms of advertising.
Build and update marketing databases.
Customer loyalty and retention.

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