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Customer Connect focusses on your campaigns and is a beginning to end process. Not only do we assist you with strategic marketing, project management and implementation, we also assist you with your fulfilment needs.
Our fully-computerised Fulfilment division takes responsibility for every component finalising your campaign by filling mail and phone orders - from verifying order details to picking, packaging and distribution.

Relieves you of all the detailed, time consuming tasks relating to picking, packing and distributing orders of your product.
Allows you to concentrate on more strategic and creative aspects of marketing your products and services.
Provides warehousing facilities - virtual and standard.
Saves you money by negotiating the best possible bulk distribution rates.
Collects and verifies revenue from all sales.
Provides full analysis and reporting on all aspects of fulfilment.

Order taking and fulfilment.
Stock control and warehousing.
Virtual Warehousing.
Revenue collection – integration in real-time with the bank.
Analysis and reporting.

Product packaging.
Direct response programs.
Inbound Telemarketing campaigns.
Outbound Telemarketing campaigns.
Press redemptions.
Direct mail.
Literature requests.

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