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Debtmaster is a central solution that is tailored to your business payment and collection needs. A Project Manager will be assigned to integrate your business needs and requirements and identify specific improvements to creating a fully automated collection solution for your business, whilst maintaining cost efficencies.

Customer Connect will then establish a full ‘Lock Box’ operation. Debtmaster and Customer Connect will then take full responsibility and ensure that your business documents and processing are completed in full and banked on time. This allows your business to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Some of the services and solutions that Debtmaster include are:

  • Mail clearance.
  • Mail sorting.
  • Item matching.
  • Capture of payment details.
  • Transmission of payment details.
  • Direct deposit of funds into a nominated bank account.
  • Advice on funds available for the upcoming day.
  • Reconciliation of services.
  • Matching of payment against outstanding invoices or statements.
  • Automated list payments.
  • Automated on line change of address.

We can also design further services to meet your business needs. As well, Customer Connect's Debt mater systems is a fully customable product.

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