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As a one stop marketing company, Customer Connect’s Internet Service is oriented towards integrating physical deliveries of goods and services with Web based commerce. We offer a unique data repository service which augments and complements any customer’s direct mail, telemarketing or fulfilment campaigns. Our Hub enables Web based transactions including order processing, enquiry processing (e.g. statements or account enquiry), and electronic delivery of product information in multimedia formats.
The Customer Connect Internet Hub can also be directly linked to clients' data sources in mainframe, off-line data or own Web platforms.  Our Internet service provides an additional channel for marketing communication, offering customers a comprehensive solution to their mass marketing requirements.

One stop shop via multiple channels for communication utilising your own data.
Enables wider distribution of your message independent of physical location.
Lowers the cost of distribution of your message via media.
Provides a more powerful and engaging way of communicating to your customers.
Marketing messages and data remain on the server and are activated and deactivated by the system.
Information on the server is supplied on a self-serve basis which can significantly lower the cost of responding to your customers’ enquiries.
Your existing electronic commerce initiatives based on the Internet are compatible with our server so there is little or no modification to your existing platform.

Electronic access of information.
Multimedia product information.
Public access using touch screen kiosks.
Web based order processing.
Complete synergy with call centre and mailing services creating a closed customer communication loop.

Accounts/statements access via the Internet.
Electronic survey.
Total integration with telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.
Broadens your customer base in a highly cost effective manner.

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