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Direct Mail allows your business to successfully market your products and services via mail to carefully targeted groups of customers. At Customer Connect we manage the entire mailing operation from start to finish. This ensures that your business communication is handled in an efficient and timely manner whilst being guided to meet your needs.

Allows you to mass market programs on a personalised one-to-one basis.
Enables cost-effective communication with your specified target groups.
Provides timing flexibility not allowed by other forms of advertising.
We review and evaluate your mailing requirements and recommend solutions to ensure ease of production as well as minimising unnecessary charges.
We provide a turn-key solution for automated mail processing services.
Reporting and analysis is undertaken whilst your campaign is running. This allows quick changes to your communication message if required.

Mail processing.
Mailing list hire.
Strategic marketing recommendations.
Project management.
Envelope, paper, stationery, print supply.
Postal lodgment and return processing.
Campaign reporting analysis.

Builds new business.
Paves the way for sales people - used as initial call.
Capitalise on other advertising campaigns in market.
Distribute samples of products or printed material.
Build goodwill and customers loyalty.
Inform and brand awareness.
Conduct market research and obtain market feedback on your products and services.

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