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Customer Connect is committed to providing a fully integrated seamless solution to print and electronic media. Our system takes all the reporting, warehousing and distribution nightmares away from your company and marketers. Customer Connect achieves this by linking clients; staff and end customers to our distribution systems via a secure web based site.

Customer Connect warehouses pick'n'packs and distributes items on an as need basis. Our virtual warehouse also ensures that your finished product is delivered to its point of destination via our tracking and reporting mechanisms on time and in full. Our reporting also takes the guess work out of when to re-order stock and we arrange printing or manufacturing when critical levels are reached.

Our virtual Warehouse is a secure log on system. Only authorised staff are given access, and access can be catered to suit individual users needs. An extensive product library is created online and includes photos of all your stock from printed material to promotional goods for ease of reference.


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