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Our 'Live Help' turns browsers into buyers and one timer customers into loyal customers.

We will create that positive service experience by being on hand at those critical moments, helping close the sale or complete the transaction, selling another service or finding the correct information. Fast reliable service that will eliminate frustration and uncertainty. Customers can now expect and receive an instant response, a dialog and with it instant gratification.

Your web site would feature small icons (LIVE HELP buttons) on screens to allow customers access to our call centre. The customer clicks the icon to communicate with a call centre consultant by e-mail; that’s answered immediately, or by web chat – a running dialogue with the consultant that they can read via your internet site. Alternatively they can communicate by voice directly through the web. If they have a video camera, they will see the person they are talking to.

Regardless of how they choose to communicate, the service is seamlessly synchronized across the different channels and directed to our call centre as if it were a traditional call. When the customer is on line, our consultant can see exactly where they are in your site and can direct them to relevant pages. Additionally, our consultant can push web pages to the customer’s browser or use the open dialog to show information such as maps or diagrams.

All customer information is integrated into our back end system and captured in a database. This allows you to gather rich data about our customer interactions, enabling you to anticipate their needs and take a pre-emptive approach to service. With this information our consultants can cross-sell extra services based on the customer’s profiles or redirect customers to alternative products or different service delivery channels on your behalf.

Companies with Call Centres know they are pivotal in shaping image, building loyalty and improving market position. Most importantly they are central to improving your bottom line.

The web enabled Call Centre offers companies all this and more. It will enable you to deliver superb customer service across all channels and build competitive advantages. Customer relationship management can be the heart of your business supported by a single operational infrastructure.

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